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3 2-week sessions: (general program, improve English in the morning, fun-travel-activities in most afternoons)

1st : 30 June-13 July
2nd : 14-27 July
3rd : 28 July – 11 August

  • At Pioneer Academy (for boys and girls) and at Brooklyn Amity School (only for girls)
  • Arrival day (day 1) is always a Friday, and departure day (day 14) is always a Thursday, altogether 14 days and 13 nights
  • 3 students stay in one room in the dormitory
    There will be English lessons in the mornings from native American teachers for most days
  • Afternoons will be spent mostly out of school shopping, visiting, and sightseeing

There will be 6 full days trips:

Visiting Manhattan, New York
Full-day shopping at Woodbury Shopping Outlets
Visiting capital city of the US; Washington DC
Visiting Boston and the universities there
Visiting Empire State Building, Beast Speedboat Ride
Having fun at Six Flags Theme Park all day long

There will be 4 half-day trips:

Shopping in Manhattan, New York at NBA and Apple Stores
Exploring Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Building
Visiting Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
Shopping at Garden State Plaza

  • 6 full-days, 4 half-days, altogether 10 days out for exploration and adventure (this is another reason why our summer camp is much different than the others)
  • There will be seminars for 2 afternoons at school (rest of the days are out to adventure and exploration!) Seminars will be conducted to motivate and encourage students towards life in general. Probable topics of seminars are studying in the USA, using technology and the internet effectively, sports role in our lives, etc.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided at the school. When we are out, then meals will be arranged. (either we’ll have lunch-boxes with us or we’ll have our meal at a restaurant. )
  • Guide-teachers will be always around students in case they need them. Local conversation-partners will also be accompanying students as they go out for adventure.
  • School provides access to the internet, but it will be off at a certain time at night to encourage rest.
  • There will be only 16 students in each class for the morning English lessons.

The cost of the 2-week session is 3490$. Here are the early bird discounts:

2990$ if paid by March 31, 2017 (a huge 500$ off the price)
3190$ if paid by May 31, 2017 (a sizable 300$ off)
3490$ from June 1, 2017 and onwards

  • A canteen will be available at the school for snacks, cold and hot drinks during the breaks.