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A Unique Higher Education Experience

Why Study in the USA?

Every year hundreds of thousands of international students go abroad for their education, and undoubtedly United States comes on the top of the list for most. Variety of universities, colleges for every budget, and native language being English are only a few reasons why students come to America to complete, or add to their education degree.

General Requirements for International Students

English Proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS)
All international students who apply from a non-English speaking country must show proof of English proficiency. The minimum requirements of every college is different, but it ranges from TOEFL iBT 65 to 98 or IELTS 5.5 to 7. Some colleges may require you to take additional course work to help you improve your English before you start taking regular classes based on your TOEFL or IELTS score.

High School GPA (Grade Point Average)
One of the most important requirements to apply to an American university are your high school grades. Like we mentioned earlier, every school has different requirements, but the range for minimum application varies between low 2.5 to 3.5. Some universities will give an automatic rejection if the GPA does not meet the minimum requirement of the school.

SAT/ACT Scores
Another important part of a college application is your SAT/ACT score. SAT and ACT are two different test that measure your Mathematics, English and Science (ACT Only) knowledge. Some of the universities may require you to have a score in hand before your application to be considered, especially the colleges in top 100.

Additional Materials
If you are looking to apply to top universities, be prepared to have a challenge. Due to the limited space available for freshman applications, many top universities will consider each additional material you hand as a bonus. This is where your Olympiad medals, volunteer work, sports team participation are all considered to your advantage. Especially top 50 universities see these social activities as important as your high school GPA or test scores.

College Counseling

Metropolitan Education College Counseling Team provides assistance for students who wish to obtain their university degree in the United States. We advise students through the application process and help them prepare all necessary documentation to be a successful and competitive applicant.

Educational counseling in the U.S. is a highly individualized process, with the goal of producing the best possible match between each student and the university that best fits the student. Like much of everyday life on campus, the creation of that ideal match is a very personal, labor-intensive learning experience. Each student works closely with his or her counselor at Metropolitan Education to explore the many talents and interests that he or she has developed over the years, to set goals based on those talents and interests, and to research and find the colleges that will help him or her achieve those goals. Personal attention is the hallmark of the college search process. Our experienced college counselors serve every grade.

Our counselors have multiple opportunities to get to know students inside and outside of the classroom, and takes on the primary responsibility of guiding them in their college search. The school counselor visits college campuses, attends regional and national conferences and hosts college representatives at the school.

The College Counseling Department constantly updates and expands their knowledge about programs available at colleges.

Why choose Metropolitan Education College Counseling Agent?

  • Metropolitan Education guarantees students a scholarship of at least the amount of service fee.
  • %100 College Acceptance Rate
  • We will have your back from the day you step in to our office, until you return home with your success story.
  • No service for for attending one of the 110 partner universities.
  • Our offices in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California in addition to our partner office in your home country will also be available to help you shall you have any additional questions, or need assistance while you study in United States.

How our counselors can help:

  • Planning college preparatory courses for student
  • Administering and Scheduling the dates for standardized tests
  • Arranging the necessary material or study help for test preparations
  • Analyzing test scores, GPA, and course requirements for colleges
  • Visiting college campuses to gather information from the college admission teams
  • Obtaining information about academic programs, majors, and available career opportunities
  • Helping students understand the principles of writing college application essays
  • Assisting students with their college applications


Financial Requirements

Educational Expenses
We can not repeat this enough, every university in United States is different from one another in every way. Public or Private, every university is managed differently and thus the financial side of it is effected by these differences as well. However to give you a general idea about the expenses of  average universities, the prices range from low $7,500 to high $45,000 per year. Every international student who studies in USA is required to have health insurance, and most universities add this to your tuition fee, but if you were to get it independently the prices vary from $50 to $500 per month.

Living Expenses
Some universities require students to live on campus during the freshman year. Other than that, required or not, students are able to find accommodation on and off campus. The housing expenses vary from $400 to $2000 per month depensing on your location and accommodation type.

Why is USA the right choice for College Education?

  • Top Universities: 45 of the top 100 universities in the world are in United States!
  • #1 For International Students: In 2013 academic year records 1,200,000 international students studied in USA!
  • Most Higher Education Options: There are more than 4,700 higher education institutions in the United States!
  • Study Your Dream Major: There is no scoring system or random placement. You choose the major you want to study!
  • Career Opportunities Post-graduation: To have graduated from an American university has proven to be an advantage for your career all over the world!
  • Diversity: Learn new cultures and make friends from all over the world in the world’s most diverse and multi-cultural country!