Summer Camps

  • Summer Camp
  • Soccer Tournament
  • Learn & Travel
  • Other Camps

3 Sessions through June 30 – August 11:

1st : 30 June-13 July
2nd : 14-27 July
3rd : 28 July – 11 August

  • At Pioneer Academy (for boys and girls) and at Brooklyn Amity School (only for girls)
  • Arrival day (day 1) is always a Friday, and departure day (day 14) is always a Thursday, altogether 14 days and 13 nights
  • 3 students stay in one room in the dormitory
    There will be English lessons in the mornings from native American teachers for most days
  • Afternoons will be spent mostly out of school shopping, visiting, and sightseeing

6 Full-day Trips:

Visiting Manhattan, New York
Full-day shopping at Woodbury Shopping Outlets
Visiting capital city of the US; Washington DC
Visiting Boston and the universities there
Visiting Empire State Building, Beast Speedboat Ride
Having fun at Six Flags Theme Park all day long

4 Half-day Trips

Shopping in Manhattan, New York at NBA and Apple Stores
Exploring Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Building
Visiting Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
Shopping at Garden State Plaza

  • 6 full-days, 4 half-days, total of 10 days of adventure
  • 2 days of  after-class seminars
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at the dormitory.
  • Tour guides are always available with the groups in case of am emergency or simply to answer your questions!
  • Native conversation-partners will also be accompanying the groups as they go out for adventure!
  • On site free WiFi is available at all times.
  • Each class will have a maximum of 16 students.

Summer Camp Prices:

Summer camp costs $ 3,490. Our current promotions are as follows:

Sign up by March 31, 2017 and get $500 off (A total of $ 2,990)
Sign up by May 31, 2017 and get $300 off (A total of $ 3,290)

  • Please note that the prices do not include the airfare.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can participate the Summer Camp?

    Summer Camp program is designed for students of ages between 12-17, but anyone is welcome to participate the program. The rooms will be assigned by the age group, so this should be no problem at all!

  • Are students required to take the classes?

    Students who participate one of the classes will receive certificates. It is not required to participate the classes, but we highly recommend they do, as all activities will take place at specific times and free-roaming might not be as interesting or fun 🙂

  • What can group leaders and chaperones do when students take classes?

    Group leaders may take our daily shuttle bus to visit the local coffee shops, stores and malls. Once the classes are over, group leaders will also participate the group activities.

  • When is the Summer Camp?

    There are 3 summer camp sessions, and students may choose to participate any one of the sessions. Session 1 begins June 30, 2017; ends July 13, 2017
    Session 2 begins July 14, 2017; ends July 27, 2017
    Session 3 begins July 28, 2017; ends August 10, 2017
    Note: Soccer (Football) tournament will take place on a different session. The dates will be as follows: Begins on July 28, 2017 and Ends on: August 10, 2017.

  • How much does Summer Camp cost?

    Summer camp’s regular price is $3,490. However students may get a discount if they apply by specific deadlines:
    -If registered by March 31, 2017 students will get a $500 discount and the price will be$2,990.
    -If registered by May 31, 2017 students will get a $300 discount and the price will be $3,290
    All registrations after May 31 will be subject to the full price. To apply for any session students must register at least 48 hours before the session start date.

  • Are there any additional fees?

    For the general program, English Classes, and Leadership Classes there are no additional fees. For Robotics Workshop, there is an additional $1000 materials fee. For Football Tournament there is a team participation fee of $500. Please note that team participation fee is NOT per person, but rather for the whole team in total.

  • What is included in the Summer Camp pack?

    Room & board, 3 meals a day, all classes, all tickets to all attractions on the program, transportation to all the activities and daily shuttle to local shops. Basically everything – but not the air fare ticket.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes! Please contact us about our most recent promotions and referral programs.

Details and the rules:

Date of the tournament: July 28- August 10, 2017

Size of the football field : Half size of the soccer field (40 x 25 m)

Number of players: 7-a side

Categories: U-14 (under 14 years) and U-17 (under 17 years) boys and girls.

Composition: 7 players, 3 substitutes and 2 team officials for each category

Participating Age: U14 (born 2003 and under), U17 (born 2000 and under)

Tournament Schedule: The tournament schedule will be announced a week before competition.

Food: Organization will provide 3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner during tournament.


  • Pick up and drop off to airport
  • Daily pick up and drop off from dormitory to venue
  • Field trips and activities will be provided by Metropolitan Education

Accommodation: All international teams will be accommodated at Pioneer Academy, Wayne, NJ

TRIPS: One important feature of the tournament is the trips to other cities and the places of interest. We would like to have the pleasure not only to have you here to participate at a friendly football tournament, but also visit the top attractions in New York City, Boston and Washington DC.

Medical Care Center: Medical care center and first aid will be provided during the competition.

Insurance: All players must have health insurance during the tournament. The organizing committee will provide insurance to international participants.

6 full days trips:

  • Visiting Manhattan, New York
  • Full-day shopping at Woodbury Commons Outlets
  • Visiting capital city of the US; Washington DC
  • Visiting Boston
  • Visiting Empire State Building, Beast Speedboat Ride and much more!
  • Having fun at Six Flags Theme Park all day long


4 half-day trips:

  • Shopping in Manhattan, New York at NBA and Apple Stores
  • Exploring Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Building
  • Visiting Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
  • Shopping at Garden State Plaza

Award Ceremonies

The awards are as follows:

  • 1st Trophy, gold medal and certificate
  • 2nd Trophy, silver medal and certificate
  • 3rd Trophy, bronze medal and certificate
  • Best Players
  • Best goalkeepers
  • Fairest players
  • Fairest playing teams

The awarding ceremonies will be held after the final completions.

The cost:

The tournament runs for 2 weeks and the cost of all services is $ 3,490. Our Current Promotions Are As Follows:

Sign Up By March 31, 2017 and Get $500 Off (A Total Of $ 2,990)
Sign Up By May 31, 2017 and Get $300 Off (A Total Of $ 3,290)

Participation fee:

In addition to the cost above, there is also a participation fee for each team. This is not an individual payment, but paid for each participating team.

  • Participation fee for local teams is 1000 USD

Participation fee for international teams is 500 USD