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Why Study English in USA?

United States of America is at the forefront of the countries most preferred by students who want to study abroad. You may also have a dream of studying in United States, or a wish to improve your English for your career.

United States is the most ideal country to make your dreams and wishes come true! The U.S. offers an enjoyable experience in a diverse, multicultural setting with the most flexibility in academic programs.  During your stay in the U.S., you will practice daily, in-depth use of English.  You can bring your English to higher levels as a natural result of being friends with students from different countries of the world and being able to recognize different cultures as well as living in America because you are in constant contact with foreign students and American teachers.

In today’s competitive world where unemployment is a major problem, “proficiency in English” is a prerequisite for your resume in your business applications. The diploma you will have from an American university will be a proof of your knowledge of advanced English and will place you in a privileged position among the other candidates for the job.

English Language Courses

General English

This program is ideal if you would like to combine English with exploring United States and have flexible start dates with courses that fit in with your day. Minimum registration for General English is 2 weeks. The focus in this program is on communicating effectively and confidently in everyday Enligsh. Improve yourlistening, reading, writing and speaking skills with experienced teachers in quality language schools. The general English program includes sessions to reinforce what you learned and improve the areas where you need most practice with workbooks, language execises and interactive computer programs.

Vacation English

Vacation English courses are designed to improve your communication skills and increase your professional and academic prospects while having the chance to travel and sightsee. Vacation English courses focus on giving you the communication skills you need as you travel different places. You have the chance to learn grammar and vocabulary that will make you feel comfortable and confident to converse while traveling. This course is ideal if you want plenty of time off from your studies to enjoy your time away from home.


TOEFL is recognized throughout the world by universities and businesses and measures your English proficiency. A high TOEFL score is required by most US colleges and universities for admission of international students. These classes focus on improving your TOEFL iBT test score.

Business English

Business English courses are designed to build your language skills so as to communicate effectively in business context, and to strengthen your engagement and career prospects. The Business English course allows you to quickly improve your general English fluency and effective communication in business by:

  • Practicing workplace communication techniques in English

  • Learning how to participate in meetings and interviews

  • Acquiring business writing skills.

Note that you can combine English courses with specialized business lessons of your choice.

Our Partners

Metropolitan Education offers you a wide range of programs at major language schools. We have partnerships with internationally recognized and well known organizations. Kaplan International, Embassy English and EC, ASA College, Campus Education, OHLA, NY Language Center, Nile Language Center and more!

Why choose Metropolitan Education as your Agent?

  • Metropolitan Education offers free consulting for language school bookings!
  • You will only pay for what your school costs, in fact in most cases you will get a special discount from the schools just because Metropolitan Education is your agent!
  • We will have your back from the day you step in to our office, until you return home with your success story.
  • We will assist you with choosing a school, applying, finding a place to stay, and get you fully ready for America.
  • Our offices in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California in addition to our partner office in your home country will also be available to help you shall you have any additional questions, or need assistance while you study. in United States.

 Visa Consulting

To study as a student in United States, you need to have a student visa (F-1). Our professional visa counselors are here to assist you with your visa application process. We will assist you with every step of the way during your visa application. All necessary documents, and follow ups will be made by Metropolitan Education to ensure that you get a smooth process and turn to your education as soon as possible!