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There is no doubts United States is one of the top choices in the preferences of getting a quality education.  One of the most important reasons for this claim is the possibility of studying in more than 4,300 internationally recognized educational institutions, and the desire to learn English at it’s native country. In line with these goals, millions of students from all over the world come to America for high school, university, graduate and language school, summer school and certificate programs.

There are not many decisions in life that are as as important as the decisions made for education. Metropolitan Education was founded in Manhattan, New York, in 2006, with the mission of helping students who come to the United States for educational purposes. Each year, we place thousands of undergraduate and graduate students from different countries into language schools, certificate/diploma programs, colleges and universities. We partner with many prestigious distinguished educational institutions; these partnerships include international high schools, language schools, undergraduate and graduate schools all across the United States. Our unique approach to introduce American education to the world is what makes Metropolitan Education the right choice as the agency, whether you are a school, or student.

 Metropolitan Summer Camps have made a name all around the world by bringing hundreds of students every year for a 14-day entertaining, educational and informational summer camp where students attend English classes following with an entertaining program that include but not limited to amusement parks, trips to different states, attractions, museums, and adventures. The mission of Metropolitan Summer Camp is to introduce American education and to show why United States is the right choice for a better education.

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Metropolitan Education strives to meet the needs of students worldwide by providing access to quality education and services in the United States. We aim to serve our diverse student body in the most effective way by offering programs tailored to meet their individual needs and interests. We also provide guidance to help them achieve their academic goals and objectives.


Metropolitan Education aspires to assist students from different parts of the world fulfill their educational goals and needs. With continuous guidance, Metropolitan Education seeks to provide the right environment for the students to learn how to communicate effectively, engage and work together.